Are different types of oil burner piping the same

Are different types of oil burner piping the same

  1. Overview of burner structure

A burner is a device that mixes and ignites fuel and air sufficiently to produce a high-temperature flame. Here we mainly introduce two common burner structures: split-tube type and ring tube type.

  1. Tube Burner

The main structure of a split-tube burner consists of a fuel tube, an air tube and a combustion head. They are independently installed on the burner, and by adjusting the air intake of the air tube and fuel tube, the fuel and air are fully mixed to achieve the ideal combustion effect.

2.Ring Tube Burner

Ring tube type burner is the fuel pipe and air pipe into one, forming a ring-shaped pipe, fuel and air mixed in the ring tube, through the role of the combustion head and combustion.

Burner working principle

  1. Working principle of split-tube burner

Divided tube type burner combustion head part is usually microporous plate type, this structure can make the gas distribution uniform, to achieve stable combustion effect. By adjusting the air inlet of fuel and air tubes in the split-tube burner, the ratio between air and fuel can be changed to control the combustion temperature and flame size.

  1. Working principle of ring tube burner

In the ring tube burner, the fuel and air are mixed in the tube and ignited by the action of the combustion head. It is characterized by simple structure, easy installation, and can support high-speed combustion, suitable for some occasions that require high-speed combustion.

Third, the burner use scene

  1. Divided tube type burner use of the scene

Split-tube burner in some industrial production scenarios are widely used, such as machining, paint spraying, heat treatment and other processes, the advantage is that it can accurately control the proportion of gas, so as to meet the requirements of a variety of combustion processes.

2.The use of ring tube burner scene

The ring tube burner has simple structure, easy installation, the use of the scene is also more extensive, can be used in laboratories, home furnaces, barbecue and other occasions.

In general, these two types of burners have their own advantages and disadvantages, the specific use of which burner needs to be selected according to the specific circumstances.



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