cpvc pipe connection method

cpvc pipe connection method

  1. CPVC power pipe connection:

CPVC power casing pipe connection using socket or interface connection.

CPVC power casing even the surface should be marked with the insertion length labeling, pipe inserted into the socket, need to make sure that the insertion labeling is accurate in place.

CPVC power casing connection should be cleared before the pipe socket external and rubber ring inside the surface of the soil or other attachments to facilitate the connection, to prevent water leakage.

CPVC power pipe connection has three types: socket type connection, flange type connection, threaded connection.

1, socket joints.

Socket joints have a single sealing country socket joints; double sealing country socket joints, sets of joints; socket glue joints.

Socket rubber joint is a kind of socket joint without sealing country. When assembled, the contact surface is coated with wither jointing agent. This is a joint form most commonly used in small diameter pipelines.

2, flange type connection.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic flange can be produced by hand-laying method, fiber pure winding method, molding method. Molded flange is used for low pressure (below 3.5 MPa), small diameter pipe (below 203 mm).

Fiberglass reinforced plastic flange can be connected with pumps, boring door metal pipe on the existing Jinlin flange.

3, threaded connection.

Threaded connection is a small gram diameter pipe commonly used mechanical connection joints. It is a kind of tapered threaded joint, using the API standard 8 teeth round thread.

Second, the operation process of CPVC power pipe connection:

1, information preparation:

Place the pipe or fitting in a straight position, put it on the docking machine, leaving enough cutting allowance of 10-20 mm.

2, clamping:

According to the welded pipe, pipe fittings to select the appropriate kava fixture, clamping pipe, ready for cutting.

3, cutting:

Cutting the welded pipe sections, pipe fittings end face impurities and oxidized layer, to ensure that the two butt end face smooth, smooth, no impurities.

4, centering:

Two welded pipe section end face to be completely centered, the smaller the better, the wrong side can not exceed 10% of the wall thickness. Otherwise, it will affect the quality of docking.

5, heating:

Docking temperature is generally appropriate between 210-230 degrees Celsius, the heating plate heating time winter and summer are different, to the two end faces of the melting length of 1-2 mm is good.

6, switching:

Take away the heating plate, quickly let the two hot fused end face sticky and pressurized, in order to protect the quality of fusion docking, the shorter the switching cycle, the better.

7, fusion docking:

Is the main point of welding, docking course should always be held under the pressure of fusion, crimping width of 2-4 mm is appropriate.

8, cooling:

Keep the docking pressure unchanged, let the interface slowly cooling, the length of cooling time to hand touch the crimp raw, feel not hot shall prevail.

9, docking realization:

Cooling well after loosening the kava, remove the docking machine, from the beginning to prepare for the next interface connection.

Third, CPVC power pipe connection mode mnemonic:

CPVC power pipe using socket socket mode, simple and easy to remember the link mode mnemonic: size head, flared mouth, the head of small inserted into the head of large can be connected.



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