do pex pipes burst

do pex pipes burst

  1. Advantages of PEX pipe.

Good corrosion resistance: PEX pipe is made of polyethylene cross-linking process, which has excellent corrosion resistance and can effectively resist the erosion of chemicals and electrolytes, thus prolonging the life of the pipe.

High elasticity and pressure resistance: PEX pipe has good elasticity and pressure resistance, can withstand high pressure, not easy to deformation or rupture, suitable for a variety of water supply and heating systems.

Convenient construction and installation: PEX pipe is lighter and softer than traditional metal pipe, easy to cut and adjust the length, which reduces the construction time and labor cost. Meanwhile, PEX pipe can be connected by clamping or crimping, which makes it easy to install.

Good thermal insulation: PEX pipe has a low thermal conductivity, which can effectively reduce heat loss, improve the efficiency of the heating system and reduce energy consumption.

Reduce noise and vibration: PEX pipe has good vibration damping and sound-absorbing properties, which can reduce the noise and vibration generated by the water flow through the pipeline, improve the comfort of living.

Disadvantages of PEX pipe

Higher price: Compared with traditional metal pipes, PEX pipe costs more. This is mainly due to the high cost of the production process and materials for PEX pipes.

Not UV resistant: PEX pipe is not resistant to UV radiation and prolonged exposure to sunlight will reduce its service life. Therefore, protective measures are required for outdoor applications, such as the use of sun shields or the application of a UV-protective coating.

Plasticizer Release: Plasticizers in PEX tubing may be released into the water to some extent, which may have an impact on water quality. However, under normal conditions of use, the amount of release is generally low and will not have a significant impact on human health.

Temperature limitations: PEX pipes may soften and deform at high temperatures, so care needs to be taken to select the appropriate temperature grade of PEX pipe for the heating system.

Poor ductility: The ductility of PEX pipe is relatively poor, it is not easy to bend to a small radius, so in the design and installation process need to be reasonably planned piping direction.

As a common plumbing material, PEX pipe has many advantages, such as good corrosion resistance, high elasticity and pressure resistance, easy construction and installation, good thermal insulation, and reduce noise and vibration. However, PEX pipe also has some disadvantages, such as higher price, no UV resistance, plasticizer release, temperature limitation and poor ductility.



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