How to unclog a clogged pipe

How to unclog a clogged pipe

Pump unclogging method. Plug the hose of the pump into the drain and seal the drain opening, then put in enough water to quickly pump into the waterway to unclog the pipe.

Soda and vinegar method. First pour the right amount of cooked baking soda into the drain, then pour the right amount of highly concentrated vinegar, baking soda and vinegar will have a chemical reaction, so as to remove grease and other clogging in the pipe.

Round wood unclogging method. With a diameter close to the mouth of the log inserted into the drain, put a sufficient amount of water, and then quickly up and down to pump the log, the use of pressure and suction to wash away the dirt.

Water pressure method. Clogging the drain, use the water pipe to connect the faucet and the drain, open the faucet, the water will be adjusted to the maximum flow impact pipeline to unclog.

Wire unclogging method. Fold the wire into a hook and stick it into the pipe to hook out the debris.

Pipe unclogging agent. Pour in a special pipe unclogging agent.

Hot water method. Use hot water poured down the drain to soften clogged material.

Handmade pipe aerator or cleaner. Use long wooden sticks, old towels, and duct tape to make a ventilator or cleaner that can be inserted into the drain to clear the clog using airflow or physical action.



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