Can a butane torch weld copper pipe?

Can a butane torch weld copper pipe?

No, I can’t. You can’t weld, and the temperature during the welding process doesn’t reach 1,300 degrees.


The part of the welding process that performs the welding operation is the tool used for gas welding, which is shaped like a gun with a nozzle at the front end that emits a high-temperature flame as a heat source. It is flexible to use, convenient and simple process.


The gas welding gun is used to burn a combustible gas (a mixture of hydrogen or acetylene and air), heating the snake tube, so that the compressed air fed into the snake tube is heated to the desired temperature.


The amount of air fed in or out is regulated by a cork. The heating device of the welding torch consists of a ceramic groove tube and an electric heating wire in it. The speed of welding can vary depending on the nozzle structure. The fast welding torch is made by improving the structure of the torch nozzle.



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The welding torch is used to hold the stud, to raise the stud (to ignite the arc), to lower the stud and to transmit the welding current. Torch accessories and support bracket to ensure that the stud and the workpiece surface perpendicular, when the diameter of the stud changes, the need to replace the corresponding diameter of the stud collet, adjust the support bracket and the torch body between the connecting rod extends the length of the stud can be adapted to different lengths of the stud.


The action of the welding torch to lift and lower the electrode (stud) is accomplished by three main components: electromagnetic coil, iron core and spring.


Auxiliary gas-shielded flux-cored wire arc welding torch used with melting electrode gas-shielded arc welding similar to those used. There are a variety of specifications, ratings, styles, torches for automatic and semi-automatic welding, air-cooled and water-cooled.


Although the shielding gas passes through the torch very coolly and has a cooling effect on the torch, air-cooled torches rely on cooling by emitting heat into the surrounding air. The choice of torch is mainly based on the welding current and the shielding gas used. If the welding current is 500A or more, a water-cooled torch is generally used. Some welders prefer water-cooled torches when the welding current used is less than 500 amps.

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