What are the code requirements for ventilation duct installation

What are the code requirements for ventilation duct installation

Duct installation specification requirements are:

1, before installing the air duct, the drawing should be checked with the construction site to check whether it can be installed according to the designed elevation and position.

2、Use infrared positioning line to ensure the spacing and straightness of the air ducts, and according to the centerline of the air ducts, find out the location of the boom installation, and carry out the installation of support hangers.

3、After confirming the accuracy of the size and angle of each part of the air duct system, the installation of grouping will be started, and the connection of the air duct should be straight and not twisted, and the nut of the connecting flange should be on the same side.

  1. The gaskets between the duct and the duct flange should be made of heat-resistant rubber sheet with thickness of 3mm and above, the gaskets should not be convex into the pipe or protruding from the flange, and the gaskets should not contain asbestos and other harmful ingredients, and should be resistant to oil, moisture, acid and alkali corrosion.
  2. When installing air ducts, the level of the centerline of the ducts must be maintained, and a level measuring tape should be used to measure the level after installing a section of air ducts; when the length of air ducts is more than 20m, anti-swaying brackets must be set up, and there should be not less than one pair for each system.

6, in the air duct through the need to close the fire, explosion-proof wall or floor, should be set up pre-embedded pipe or protective casing, the thickness of its steel plate is 2mm. duct and protective casing, should be non-combustible and non-hazardous to the human body of the flexible material sealing.

7, all kinds of air duct components and the installation of the operating mechanism, first check the valve shape and the operating mechanism is intact, check the flexibility of the action, to confirm that all aspects of the valve is normal and then install the installation direction, location should be correct, in the valve operating mechanism should be at least 350mm on one side of the net space, in order to operate, overhaul; fire protection partition partition wall on both sides of the fire damper, the distance from the surface of the wall should not be greater than 200mm.

  1. The support hangers of the fire protection smoke exhaust duct must be set up separately, and the support and hangers of the branch pipe, pipeline muffler, muffler elbow and fire damper must be set up separately.
  2. After the installation of air ducts is completed, the tightness test should be carried out according to the pressure level of the system.



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